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. . , Zhu Yugung, . Zhou Youguang s.jpg. ..Zhou Youguang was a Chinese economist, banker, linguist, sinologist, publisher, and supercentenarian, known as the “father of Pinyin”, a system for the writing .Described as the father of Pinyin, or Chinese phonetic language, Google honours the linguist Zhou Youguang..A fortune teller once warned Zhou Youguang he would not live past . The prediction was plausible, as Zhou himself later noted. Average life .

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    During the Cultural Revolution, Zhou was sent to live in the countryside and to be “re educated”, as were many other intellectuals at that time..

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    The O’s in today’s Doodle flip from Pinyin Gg to Chinese characters . Were it not for celebrated linguist Zhou Youguang, this .

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    Have you peeped Google today? It’s all about Zhou Youguang, a famous Chinese linguist..

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    Schreibung der Silben. Da chinesischen Zeichen fast immer genau eine Silbe beschreiben, ist auch Pinyin Umschrift silbenbasiert. chinesische .